Backend Agnostic Architecture

Chat SDK can be made to support any Messaging Server
The user interface for the Chat SDK is completely decoupled from the backend. This means that the Chat SDK can be adapted to connect to any type of messaging server by creating a custom network adapter. Currently, we have written two network adapters, one for Firebase and another for XMPP. This has a number of benefits:
1 You can connect the Chat SDK user interface to your messaging server by writing a custom network adapter. This saves you the complex job of building a full user interface.
  1. 1.
    You can switch the backend your app uses. Imagine that you decide to start off with the Firebase version of the Chat SDK but at some point you decide that you want to switch to using an XMPP server. Usually, this would require a full rewrite of the messaging client but with the Chat SDK it can be achieved by changing one line of code!
If you want more details about writing a custom network adapter you can email us at [email protected].