Module Licensing

Module licensing

How it works

Just sponsor us on Github sponsors or Patreon and then add the modules to your app using Gradle. If you need to have access to the module source code, we have both monthly and one-off open-source licenses. Contact us at

When you activate the Chat SDK make sure to enter the email you used to sponsor us:

    .activate(this, "your@email.address");

We use the email address to validate your license. Please see the licensing FAQ.

🥉 Bronze Tier

You can use the following modules in one app:

  • Typing indicator ⇘GIF

  • Read receipts

  • Last online indicator

  • User blocking ⇘GIF

  • Location-based chat ⇘GIF

🥈 Silver Tier

You can use all the Bronze tier modules plus the following modules in one app:

🥇 Gold Tier

You can use all the Silver and Bronze tier modules in one cross-platform app. That means: iOS, Android and Web.

💎 Diamond Tier

You can use all the Silver and Bronze tier modules in one cross-platform app. That means: iOS, Android, and Web. Plus:

  • XMPP Module

  • XMPP Read Receipts

That means you can connect your app to all the popular XMPP servers:

  • ejabberd

  • Tigase

  • OpenFire

  • MongooseIM

  • Prosody


  • Scale to 2m users per node

  • Self-host

  • Operate in China

  • Run chat without an internet connection

  • Operate on an intranet

  • Connect to a corporate XMPP server

  • Support HIPAA

🦸 Enterprise Tier

You can use all our modules including XMPP in an unlimited number of apps published by your or your clients.

Licensing FAQ

  • Do I need to be a supporter to test the modules?

    You only need to be a supporter and have a valid license if you are releasing the app publically. For internal testing, it is not necessary to be a supporter. However, you should still add your email address.

  • What information do you collect?

    We collect the email you provide, which modules you are using and your app ID. This information is logged on our servers and periodically we check to see if the app has been released with an invalid license.

  • What happens if I release an app which uses your modules but I don't support the project?

    In the first instance, we would contact you using the email you have provided and ask you to support the project. If you decline you would need to stop using any modules you weren't licensed to use.

  • Can I use these modules in my app commercially?

    Yes, commercial use is allowed.

  • I prefer not to have any data sent to your servers. What can I do?

    In this case, you would need to buy an open-source license. With a commercial open-source license, there is no license check. You can also modify and extend the module source code.

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